Monday, May 19, 2014


     I was reading through Ezekiel a couple of weeks ago, and I came across chapter 37 where God asks Ezekiel if the dry bones before him can live.  If you haven't read this story in a while, it is worth the read.  The following Sunday at church, we sang a song talking about the dry bones.  And, while we were in Iowa, my in-laws preacher preached about the dry bones.  Even tonight on the way home I was reminded by All Sons and Daughters that it's His breath in our lungs just like the breath that brought life to dry bones that day in the desert.  Needless to say I began to feel that "tap" saying, "I have something for you here."  I've been chewing on it for a week now, and I feel like part of it hit me tonight.
     Many of us have gotten in a rut of looking the part of a Christian.  We do the right things.  We say the right things. We go to church on Sunday.  We pray.  We read our bible.  On the outside, we are striving to look like what we are told a Christian should be, and we wonder why we are frustrated when we don't see God moving in our lives.  What many of us are missing is a true and unquestioning belief that God can do anything.  In essence, we don't believe that God is God.  We look at what is before us, and don't take the time to listen to God when He says, "Just give it to me."  We think it is impossible, and therein lies the problem...WE think.  All God wants is an unquestioning faith.  He wants us to bring him the humanly impossible so He can once again prove to His children that absolutely nothing is impossible for the God who created every last stitch of this earth.  That is what is so awesome and inspiring about the mysteries of our Father.  We so badly want to be "in the know," but it takes putting that aside, and really trusting that God's plan is infinitely better than whatever solution we can come up with.
     After you take that step in faith, don't be an Israelite and fall back into the same rut.  Thank your God, love your God, be humbled, and continue to move boldly in faith.

     I'll update as I think and pray about this more.